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Who is Madame Fù ?

Madame Fù’s true identity is shrouded in the midst of time. Some say her mother was Macanese and her father Shanghainese. Others profess of a more curious lineage, stemming from a Siberian grandmother. Despite these contradicting tales, what is not contested is her renowned beauty, independence and unparalleled wit. Simply put, she was unlike any other woman of her time.


As a girl from humble beginnings, the only hope for a good life depended on a good marriage. However, this was not enough for our Madame Fù. At the age of 16 her first proposal arrived, but she rejected the pre-arranged marriage and escaped to the chaotic metropolis of Shanghai to forge her own path.


From there she was led to Paris by a wealthy admirer, who recognised her cultural and intellectual curiosity, and sponsored her education in the French capital. It was there, in the late 1920s, that her love affair with the Grand Cafés began. These dazzling salons became her social oasis; the stage upon which she thrived. It was a place of beginnings that attracted creative minds for two simple reasons; the delicacies and the décor. This romance with Parisian culture was all that was needed to ignite her ambition to create a salon of her own.


Upon returning to Shanghai in the early 1930s, Fù put no time to waste and opened her own Grand Salon, entertaining fine artists, poets, and authors, while bringing in her own unique style of elegance and charm. 

At Madame Fù, we have recreated the style and tradition of this bygone era. Our restaurant, bar and private dining rooms are housed in the beautifully restored 1850’s colonial Barrack Building in Central at Tai Kwun, overlooking the former parade ground.  We invite our guests to enjoy a unique dining experience of Chinese cuisines, Western desserts and high teas. Surround yourself in contemporary art the whilst soaking in the ambiance of this historical setting, inspired by the legacy of one woman’s creativity.


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