In an effort to combat viruses, our chefs have created a special menu using only the healthiest and freshest ingredients. Designed to boost your immune system and supply comprehensive nutrients to your body, this menu is both delicious and wholesome.


    Snow Pear & Fig Soup | 雪梨干南北杏無花果湯

    A treat* from us to help you stay warm and healthy!

    Infused with snow pears, dried figs, goji berries and apricot kernels, this traditional recipe is known to nourish the lungs, aid digestion and remove toxin from the body.


    Photos from left to right :

    Chinese Yam Salad with Chilli Vintage Vinegar Dressing | 淮山沙律

    Rich in fiber and low in fat, this refreshing dish helps to strengthen the stomach, stimulate digestion and absorption and protect the lungs.

    Chicken Salad with Sichuan and Sesame Dressing | 手撕雞沙律

    Both chicken and sesame provide you with protein. This savory dish is also high in fiber and Vitamin B and enhances your immunity.

    Lotus Root Cake | 藕苗餅

    A plant of multi-vitamins and minerals, lotus root is great in boosting immunity and digestion, regulating blood pressure and preventing water retention. It also gives you smoother skin and hair.


    Photos from left to right :

    Chili Osmanthus Fish with Ten Grain Rice | 剁椒桂花魚蒸十谷米

    Enjoy a flavoursome dose of protein and fiber. The Osmanthus fish also enhances stomach functionality while the nutritious rice gives you a lift of energy.

    Cordyceps Flower and Baby Vegetable in Broth | 蟲草花上湯菜苖

    This dish is a strong boost to your immune system. The baby vegetable which is high in Vitamin C paired with cordyceps flowers, a strong anti-bacterial agent, will help you fight viruses!

    Coconut & Honey Banoffee Pie | 椰香香蕉拖肥批

    This dessert is loaded with fiber, healthy fats and disease-fighting antioxidants, and is quite frankly, just a plate of pure bliss!


    *Complimentary Snow Pear & Fig Soup for all lunch and dinner guests.



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