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Madame Fù x Les Néréides "Time To Dream" Afternoon Tea

Madame Fù has partnered with the French fashion jewellery brand Les Néréides to create an afternoon tea called "Time to Dream. Inspired by the seasonal floral collection and graceful dancing butterflies, this exquisite butterfly-inspired afternoon tea captures

the essence of summer. It offers a symphony of savoury and sweet delights,

infused with the fragrant essence of flowers and the delightful tanginess of summer.

Our Osmanthus Jelly Pear Cup, where rich aroma of osmanthus is delicately combined with silky-smooth pear flesh, creating a refreshing and slightly sweet treat that leaves you wanting more. The Truffle Mushroom Vol Au Vent features decadent black truffle mushrooms, skilfully infused into the buttery puff pastry, resulting in a rich and aromatic indulgence that will leave an unforgettable impression. Treasure the exquisite flavours of our Almond Blueberry Financier, a delectable treat that combines the richness of almonds with the burst of sweet blueberries. Experience the tantalizing blend of our Mousse Duck Liver accompanied by the luscious Raspberry Coulis Blinis, creating a harmonious fusion of savoury and fruity sensations. Delight your palate with the refreshing and relishing taste of our Granny Smith Crab Salad, where the crispness of Granny Smith apples perfectly complements the succulent crab meat.

Staring 1st July, we are cordially inviting our guests to savour our brand-new "Time to Dream" afternoon tea set amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Tai Kwun in Central.

Enjoy our restaurant’s vibrant ambiance, where leisure and relaxation intertwine,

enhancing your afternoon with an extra touch of charm.

Madame Fù x Les Néréides “Time to Dream” Afternoon Tea

Date: 1st July to 31st August, 2024 | 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm (last order at 4:30 pm)

Address: 3rd Floor, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, No. 10 Hollywood Road, Central District, Hong Kong

Booking: Tel. (852) 2114 2118 | Whatsapp (852) 5765 5881 |

Email. |

Madame Fù與Les Néréides 法國時尚首飾品牌Time to Dream系列聯乘推出下午茶,

以今季花卉系列與翩翩起舞的蝴蝶作靈感, 花香與夏日酸甜入饌精心製作鹹甜美點,



桂花啫喱香梨杯 香氣馥郁的桂花精心製成啫喱配搭絲滑奶香的香梨果肉,

沁人心脾, 讓你一口接一口意猶未盡。

黑松露蘑菇酥盒 廚師精心炒製黑松露蘑菇匠心釀入牛油酥香的酥盒,

菌香濃郁, 讓你一試難忘。

杏仁藍莓牛油蛋糕 藍莓忌廉奶香濃郁, 果香酸甜, 完美平衡, 配合絲滑鬆軟的牛油蛋糕,

牛油濃郁誘人的香氣與奶香平衡的藍莓忌廉完美融合, 是難而抗拒的美味。

夏日炎炎, 最適合清涼冰爽的飲品一解炎夏, 為提升下午茶體驗, 我們特別設計以茉莉花香

為主題的mocktail, 結合了茉莉花茶與酸甜橙汁, 彷彿置身夏日的海邊,


凡惠顧聯乘下午茶, 首六百名享用下午茶顧客, 更可獲得Les Néréides名貴手鏈乙(價值$320) 

憑禮物換領証前往Les Néréides門市領取,圖片只供參考和用作宣傳推廣目的,

Les Néréides提供的禮物作準

**供應日期: 由2024年7月1日至8月31日下午2:30至5:30


(禮物換領証為先到先得, 送完即止) 

如欲訂座, 歡迎前往 

或致電+852 2114 2118預留您的座位! 


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