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Introducing Exquisite Seasonal Special Menu

Madame Fù, the city’s contemporary lifestyle dining destination in Central, is launching a new à la carte menu with delightful seasonal cuisines for the summer.

Helmed by Chef de Cuisine Kit Liao, Madame Fù’s team of talented chefs presents an array of delectable Cantonese Specials on the new à la carte menu. The dim sum Jade Hare (Steamed Assorted Wild Mushroom Dumpling) is not to be missed.

Another Dim Sum highlight is the Steamed Cod Fish & Vegetable Dumpling - a traditional Cantonese dumpling with a delightful twist. The cod fish with finely chopped pickled vegetables, peppers and ginger is light yet savoury, giving it a flavourful taste of the Sichuan pickled mustard fish.

The weather is getting hot, so why not give this refreshing soup a try? Luffa with Cauliflower Fungus in Duck Consommé with tangerine peel is a great soup for getting rid of excess moisture in the body and makes skin healthy.

Beautifully presented in Lotus flower shape, the eryngii mushroom with goji is an ideal boost to your appetite in the humid months of spring and summer.

Another appetising delicacy is the Sliced Spicy Beef Shank. The beef shank is slow-cooked in medium-low heat with our secret recipe sauce consisting of fragrant pepper and other spices, producing an aromatic fragrance and a delicious taste.

Our new menu also features gourmet items from the grill. This dish of Crispy Chicken with Foie Gras Paste is delicately plated with the crimson, crispy skinned chicken atop the foie gras on a soft thin bun. The tender and tasty meat of the chicken is enhanced with the added flavour of foie gras, giving diners a rich taste of crispy chicken with soft, savoury foie gras inside.

Try our Summer Cocktail Specials! We are offering nine exciting Cocktails that can fully satisfy your quest for freshness and good vibe.

To view the full menu, please visit:


Tel. (852) 2114 2118



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