Inspired by the concept of rejuvenation, Sulwhasoo and Madame Fù present to you “The Best of Me” Afternoon Tea collaboration. With the connotation of ageless beauty in mind, we have created a Korean-themed afternoon tea menu.


Traditional Korean superfoods inspired our menu with offerings such as the Kimchi Cheese Cracker and the Foie Gras Terrine Crostini with Jeju Mandarin Coulis. The Pomegranate & Blood Orange Delight - a nod to Sulwhasoo’s signature orange brand colour, are infused in their bestsellers for an energizing boost.


Dates. 1st - 30th April 2021


Madame Fù聯乘雪花秀呈獻「Best of Me」下午茶

Madame Fù聯乘雪花秀於2021年4月1日至2021年4月30日期間限定呈獻「Best of Me」下午茶。真正的美麗源於由內而外所散發出的獨特光芒。女人的魅力氣質會隨著時間而昇華,Madame Fù特以此概念為創作靈感,為您呈獻此韓方養生下午茶。


傳統韓方食材亦反映在「Best of Me」下午茶中。如精緻鹹點以經典韓式韓式泡菜芝士薄脆、韓國豆醬雞配蛋沙律三明治韓式,及鵝肝慕絲多士配濟州柳橙果醬入饌;而韓式柚子泡芙則和應雪花秀的暢銷產品—人參安瓶的標誌性橙色品牌色系。


日期:2021年 4月1-30日

High Tea Takeaway for two - Sulwhasoo x Madame Fù - “The Best of Me”