About US

Madame Fù is a beautiful contemporary Chinese restaurant located in the fabulous

1880's colonial building in the Tai Kwun heritage compound. Spanning across the entire 3rd floor of the old police headquarters, Madame Fù offers a unique dining space in an artistic ambience.

You can either relax in the Verandah overlooking the Parade Ground, or select one of

the other six dining rooms to experience our range of delicious signature dishes,

including Chinese dim sum, the amazing truffle chicken, western desserts and afternoon teas. 

Who is Madame Fù ?

Madame Fù’s true identity is shrouded in the midst of time. Some say her mother was Macanese and her father Shanghainese. Others profess of a more curious lineage, stemming from a Siberian grandmother. Despite these contradicting tales, what is not contested is her renowned beauty, independence and unparalleled wit. Simply put, she was unlike any other woman of her time.


As a girl from humble beginnings, the only hope for a good life depended on a good marriage. However, this was not enough for our Madame Fù. At the age of 16 her first proposal arrived, but she rejected the pre-arranged marriage and escaped to the chaotic metropolis of Shanghai to forge her own path.


From there she was led to Paris by a wealthy admirer, who recognised her cultural and intellectual curiosity, and sponsored her education in the French capital. It was there, in the late 1920s, that her love affair with the Grand Cafés began. These dazzling salons became her social oasis; the stage upon which she thrived. It was a place of beginnings that attracted creative minds for two simple reasons; the delicacies and the décor. This romance with Parisian culture was all that was needed to ignite her ambition to create a salon of her own.


Upon returning to Shanghai in the early 1930s, Fù put no time to waste and opened her own Grand Salon, entertaining fine artists, poets, and authors, while bringing in her own unique style of elegance and charm. 


At Madame Fù, we have recreated the style and tradition of this bygone era. Our restaurant, bar and private dining rooms are housed in the beautifully restored 1850’s colonial Barrack Building in Central at Tai Kwun, overlooking the former parade ground.  We invite our guests to enjoy a unique dining experience of Chinese cuisines, Western desserts and high teas. Surround yourself in contemporary art the whilst soaking in the ambiance of this historical setting, inspired by the legacy of one woman’s creativity.

Our Creators


Christian Rhomberg

Creative Director


The founder of the Kee Club and the renowned Club 97, Christian is credited as one of the founding pioneers of Lan Kwai Fong.

With over 30 years experience in the food and beverage industry, his name is synonymous with luxurious and unique dining experiences throughout Asia. 





Nicoletta has an extensive background in F&B Operations and Management, Client Relationships and Events Management. Having graduated in foreign languages she then completed a Master in “Hospitality and Hotel Management” in London, which has led her to work at many impressive outlets.

From Cruise ships, Hotel and Resorts in Africa, Maldives, UK & Europe, to her last 7 years spent in Hong Kong's luxury dining and F&B Operations for 5-Star hotels.




Sarah has worked in the Event and Hospitality industry for over 10 years. Originally from England and gaining her degree in Event and Festival Management, She then went on to work for hotel group Hilton Hotels before settling in Hong Kong. Over the last 8 years Sarah has planned and executed 1000’s of events cross some of Hong Kong’s most well-known restaurants and venues.

Our Chefs

Chef Kit - Head Chef.jpg
Chef Kwun - Siu Mei Head Chef.jpg

Kit Liao

Head Chef

Chef Kit was born in Foshan, a city in the Guangdong Province, China and highly recognised for its impressive cuisine. His love of cooking was sparked from an early age upon watching ‘Manchu Han Imperial Feast’, one of the grandest meals ever documented in Chinese Cuisine. He made a promise to himself then he would one day cook the same banquet!

His love of travelling influences his cooking, you’ll often find essences of different cuisines and cultures infused into his dishes. Chef Kit cooks with his heart and you will always find a beaming smile on his face when he hears of guests appreciating his food.

Chef Mo - Dim Sum Head Chef.jpg

Chung Ngok Kuen

Barbeque Head Chef

Chef Kuen was the son of a chef and so followed in his father’s footsteps!

His culinary upbringing led him to his first barbeque job when he was merely 20 years old. From there he embarked on a 30-year role at a top Chinese restaurant as head barbeque chef, meaning he has an expert 40 years behind him in the barbeque kitchen.

He lives by his own mantra "I either don’t start, or I have to make it my very best!" which is certainly visible in Madame Fù s most favoured dish – his perfected, Golden Pork Belly.

Mo Wan Fei

Dim Sum Head Chef

Born in Ningbo, China (200 km from Shanghai), Chef Mo began his dim sum career at the young age of 18 with northern Chinese dim sum. His earlier career took him to Germany and Holland where he developed his techniques before returning to Hong Kong to start his journey cooking southern Chinese dim sum.

In 2010 he joined Hong Kong's famous Kee Club where he stood as the head dim sum chef for 6 years. It was here that he experimented and applied western ideas to his cooking, leading him to create his special Crystal Shrimp and Beetroot Dumpling. Chef Mo’s prized Crystal Shrimp Dumpling is his most perfected dish, made with his secret 'Al Dente' touch, a recipe he is very proud of.

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